Getting back to nature

I have always been intrigued by photography.  The work of Ansel Adams comes to mind as capturing something as simple as nature in it's pure element in a way that invokes a strong sense of emotion or wonder.  Kind of like how you can look at something and see it in a completely different way. 

Church in a Fog

Church in a Fog

Perhaps we can also think about our preconceived ideas about things, people, places, institutions and see them in a different light?  I saw this little chapel sitting all alone in a cold, desolate winter setting, there was something different about it.  The way the light captured it as the sun was rising, the fog beginning to burn off, the icicles hanging on for dear life as if a strong breeze would send them crashing to the ground. 

I was seeing not just a building or gathering place but something that captured my attention in a different way.  It made me start to ask questions about larger things than myself.   Stopping to take the time to ask these questions and photograph this very interesting subject was, in a sense, an all too fleeting moment of inner-peace, wonder and awe.  

The way the light was dancing on it was just something that made me get out of my warm car and trudge though about 2 feet of snow in tennis shoes and start taking countless photographs of it defies any logic.

Church in fog watermarked.jpg

What if we all took that extra few minutes to stop when something unique catches our eye, someone needs help etc? It might not be convenient or planned, but the outcome may end up surprising you.   I would encourage others to slow down a few notches in this ever racing world we live in and take in the subtle beauty surrounding us, even in strange places.  It takes many forms and is plainly visible if you take the time to notice it.